Do A Little was born in 2008. I created a non-profit to serve the needs of women because the balance of power in the world still lies in the hands of men, often bypassing the skills, intelligence, compassion, love and grace of the female gender. I want to support women as leaders, and as owners of our futures and to encourage women to grow in whatever ways bring happiness and peace. And I want men to do the same.

I was inspired to create the name by a quote from the Most Reverend Desmond M Tutu, O.M.S.G., Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town: "Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."

I believe strongly in community, and in each of us working where we are most gifted to improve our world. I believe that small acts are just as important as great acts. They are all part of a recipe to better the planet. If each of us contributes something soulful and heartfelt, sharing resources and talents, the outcome is a delicious stock of sustainable life energy.

The Do A Little logo is a photo of my Aunt Nita as a representation of the face of all women. Nita was an intelligent, strong-willed, hard-working woman born during the Depression. She was self-sufficient, a mother, a world traveler, a caring older sister to my mother, Jo Frances, and hawk-eyed in her overview of life.

Do A Little welcomes your generosity to help fund non-profits that help women become healthy, educated and happy. We also help all people, no matter what gender, sexual persuasion, religion or ethnicity.

Thank you from my heart.

Deborah Santana